Telecom Services Audit & Optimization

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Project Process

Step 1. We research each telecom account to create a “plain English” inventory of every line/circuit your company pays.

Step 2. We work with your team (both IT/Telecom and billing departments) to determine what services to keep versus cancel, process any necessary disconnects and follow through to bill review.

Step 3. With an accurate inventory, we work to apply contracted discounts not active and re-negotiate all expired contracts to secure optimal pricing for each service with your existing provider.

Step 4. We name and consolidate invoices by provider and service type.

Step 5. (OPTIONAL) We identify areas to either save cost or optimize/enhance technology by changing providers.

Step 6. (OPTIONAL) Ongoing monthly management of maintaining inventory

Step 7. (OPTIONAL) Quarterly or annual review to ensure inventory and billing match contractual rates


  • A clean and complete current inventory
  • Documentation of completed disconnects and verified monthly savings
  • Process billing error corrections and follow through to bill review
  • Generate contract renewals or re-negotiations
  • Provide target Monthly Recurring Charges document for each invoice
  • Provide updated providers’ contact information
  • All going-forward Monthly Savings and One-time Credit documentation

Pricing Options

  • Flat, hourly rate invoiced monthly
  • Hybrid of hourly rate and % of savings

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